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About Me

Tebee the owner

Tebee (Huyen Tran) is a highly skilled and versatile cosmetologist who has taken great pride in her work. As a person who loved the arts and beauty at a very young age, she became very passionate about helping people enhance their beauty. Tebee attended cosmetology school where she crafted her skills as an established professional.  She obtained her cosmetology license in 2001 and took a full-time job doing makeup, nails, and eyebrow wax. 

Tebee is a very meticulous artist with a keen sense of attention to detail. As such, she has grown her client reach all around the world. Nothing gives her more joy than helping her clients amplify their true beauty. 

As such, Tebee is trained and certified by NovaLash which is one of the best eyelash extensions in the industry. In addition, she obtained certification in the eyebrow microblading semi-permanent tattoo in Los Angeles. Framing, shaping, and creating the perfect symmetrical eyebrow for each person's face is another aspect of cosmetology that she loves doing. Since then, she has obtained four other certifications from the best trainers and is well-known in the permanent makeup world.

She consistently stays on top of her education and techniques to provide her clients with the best results and lasting beauty.

As they say, the eyes are the window into each person's soul.  Let Tebee help you magnify your personal beauty.

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