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Fashion Model

Nothing makes a woman feel instantly more glamorous than a new pair of lovely lashes! And I have been trained in all the latest eyelash extension techniques, therefore  I am able to create stylish and custom looks for eyes to look amazing. After all, they say " eyes are the windows to your soul, and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains." 


best eyelash extensions

Classic Wispies Set - $190 In this wispies service, extensions are placed on every other lash.

This set is for a client who has thick natural lashes and needs more length  Up to 90 minutes.


Grandeur Classic Set - $240 Grandeur classic set will give a fuller mascara look with more of a curl, that makes your eyes appear bigger and beautiful for an everyday look. We apply an extension to every fully grown lash to channel your everyday beaute.


Luscious Set - $290+ Luscious set is a hybrid set. It will bring drama to your lashes by the texture of the extensions to give an illusion of wearing eyeliner. This unique method is safely extending every eyelash extension to the fullest as possible. Up to 180 minutes.


Va Va Voom Set - $340+ Looking for some extra va va voom for them gorgeous eyes? 

Try a mega volume set, It's a pristine method of applying anywhere from 3-5 lightweight extensions per natural lash, creating a more voluminous, full, and fluttery appearance.





Fills from another salon 

Classic 60 minutes $100        Classic 90 minutes $140


Hybrid/Volume 60 minutes $115        Hybrid/Volume 90 minutes $150



*Client please come to your appointment with clean eyes with NO MAKEUP ON. This will help us cut down the time for service. More Time = More Lashes 



1 week touchup - 30 mins-


2 weeks fill - 45 mins -


3 weeks fill - 60 mins-



4 weeks fill-75 mins-



Over 4.5 weeks Refresh set -

120 mins $150




1-week fill  - 30 mins -


2 weeks fill   45 mins -


3 weeks fill - 60 mins -


4 weeks fill - 90 mins -



Over 4.5 weeks consider Refresh set - 120mins - $200




1 week fill  - 30 mins -


2 weeks fill   45 mins -


3 weeks fill - 60 mins -


4 weeks fill - 90 mins -



Over 4.5 weeks consider Refresh set - 120mins - $220




Book this and let us safely remove it for you. (please, never try to remove them on your own because you can end up damaging your natural lashes!).



Lash bath is necessary to maintain healthy natural lashes and help to extend extensions' long-lasting retention. It is the client's responsibility to cleanse lashes daily to remove any excess oil, makeup, or debris on the lashes, the professional must shampoo lashes. It will be an additional charge added to services.


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