Microblading is also referred to as 3D Brow Embroidery/ Feather Strokes. Unlike the traditional solid eyebrows tattoo, Microblading gives you the illusion of a realistic natural brow look. It is the best alternative to makeup or even other permanent makeup procedures. Microblading is the latest semi-permanent makeup tattoo.


Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted by a manual handheld instrument with a fine multiply needle in a row that deposit pigment into the dermis with stroking movements. This technique will create very crisp, fine hair strokes and give you a beautiful and realistic looking eyebrows. Microblading typically lasts 1 to 2 years ( results will vary depending on the client's exposure to the sun, resistance to pigment, and skin regiment).


This method can dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost uneven eyebrow and thinning brows from age or over-tweezed brows.  This technique can also help those who have lost their hair from cancer treatments, injuries, or alopecia get the appearance of full, natural brows. Eyebrows alone have the power to transform a face, and a well-groomed, well-defined brow can make you look years younger. Microblading allows everyone to now achieve the perfect natural brow. 



Find out if you are a candidate for eyebrow Microblading. Check out the FAQ, which will help provide you with all the questions you need before scheduling your appointment.



Your initial appointment will cost $750, and you will get a complimentary touch-up within 6-8 weeks after the first appointment. A deposit of $100 is required to hold your appointment. The cancellation policy for this appointment is 48 hours or there will be non-refundable. 


Microblading Initial Session

Approx. 2:00 hours

Complimentary including:

Brow consultation

Brow shaping for symmetry 

Anesthetic Cream

Color Matching 

After Care A&D Ointment and Instructions

Before and After Photos 

6-8 weeks touch-up ( appointment must be no later than 8 weeks ) 


Touch-up Session

3 -6 months (recommended)

Approx. 1 hour / $175


Touch-up Session 

7-11 months / $275


Touch-up Session

12-18 months /$400

Only touching up prior work performed

at Grandeur Beauté Studio

After 18 -32 months from your last session, your pigment must at least still have color and shape. If not you there will be a charge $550




*Please Note if your brows were never done by Grandeur Beauté Studio

your eyebrows would not be considered a touch-up. Please contact for a  Consultation.



This service offers hair-strokes and shading from the tail to the center of your eyebrows to provide the look of denser and fuller hair-strokes.

Include 4 - 6 weeks Touch-up



This is service pigment is implanted with machine work, and it lasts must longer than Microblading. Unlike the old eyebrows tattoo, where it looks like a sharpie. This technique is softer and powdery with a gradient effect toward the top and the head on the brows. 


Include 4 - 6 weeks Touch-up


Payments Breakdown


$100 Deposit

$500 Due at the 1st session

$100 deposit for the 2nd session (non-refundable)

$100 Due at the 2nd sessions within 6-8 weeks

 Total $800